Listen To Americas Test Kitchen Radio Show Preview

Published in: on December 23, 2010 at 1:29 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Chris —

    New fan here. Wife turned me on to the TV show and you earned a new loyal viewer in me when you had the episode that began with you playing the Grateful Dead guitar lick!

    Anyway, any chance your new radio show will be archived anywhere as a podcast?

    • Chris,

      There’s a WGBH RSS feed, but I had trouble on my Android device getting the podcast format recognized.

      I cleaned up the feed formatting by running it through Yahoo! Pipes to get it in the expected podcast format. Find it here:

  2. Sounds like it will be a fun show…is it going to be distributed to other stations besides Boston?

  3. Dear Chris.
    A few days ago you were interviewing a man who raises free range chickens in your ares. I beleive you said you purchased your chickens from him.
    What I noticed was his chickens appeard to have “pasted” disease or Coccidiosis. If you review those pictures you will see many of thoses chickens had “pasted” feces on the vent feathers. Plus the chickens did not behave normally as they would move a few feet then sit right down. Hardly the behavior of healthy chickens who rarely if ever sit down. Coccidiosis is a serious disease.

  4. Please tell Chris Kimball to stop pronouncing Ghirardelli with a soft g, as I’ve heard him do many times (now he’s doing it on the new radio show). Think ghost, ghastly, ghetto, Ghana, ghee, gherkin, ghoul.

  5. While I think you have a top-notch show, good advice and recipes, I’m appalled by the deceptive business practices of the Test Kitchen related websites and the related deceptive marketing by the publisher of related magazines and books. I hope you realize that the marketing practices of ATC related products are toxic to your credibility and reputation. Just do a little research via Google and you’ll find hundreds of complaints about unwanted subscriptions, deceptive billing notices, and deceptive opt-out notices for unsolicited products. I urge you folks to deal with this issue. I see that complaints go back years and that’s truly shameful.

  6. I was on your show in late January, after the show or the next day, someone( it was the woman who called me to set up a day that I would be on)called me and told me that for being on the show I would get a free subscription to Cooks Magazine. My question of that day had to do with watery peach pies.also has anyone else gotton this call

  7. I know I am late but is there any possibility of the show being repeated?

  8. Heard your interview on Sunday afternoon with a fellow in NYC cooking A-Z countries around the world…This has been going on in a midwestern town since 2010.
    Tulsa Oklahoma’s Sasha Martin has been blogging – an amazing journey of love discovery and expertise. She is now on Transylvania – whoops! – Romania.
    An Alumni of Wesleyan Univ and then a CIA student – she ended up in Tulsa when sent by the CIA for her externship to design recipes for Bama Corporation – manufacturers of MacDonald’s food worldwide – met her husband.
    You gave her a tour of your test kitchen at one point when she was exploring summer job opportunities, and I met you at the Boston Athenaeum when you gave a presentation to the Culinary Group…been following you ever since. Love your book on cooking a meal from scratch (boiling horse hoofs to make geletin) and the dinner party…too amazing….

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