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  1. Love to look into the world of the test kitchen, thank you. I do no know who to write to but this is about the tenth place I have suggested it so here it goes again:

    What is more country like then canning? Putting up all the love you have put into your garden all summer long into beautiful colored jars is a wonderful experience however; the canning cookbook world is so lacking and all the work you have to put into canning, it is really disheartening to go to all that work and then have something flop.
    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will you look into do a canning cookbook? I would make my own recipes but the thought of offing my whole family through botchulism is not something that I want to do.

    Kind Regards,
    Erin Stephens-Marner

    • I absolutely agree!

  2. This was fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

    I do have to agree with the comment above regarding canning (or just general food preservation).

    Love the shows!

  3. Just wondering; who eats all the food you all make in the kitchen?? Is there a restaurant, or do you all just eat well?!

  4. I want to work with you guys! It looks like you all have so much fun.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I had an excess of pepper Anahiem, Jalpeno, and banana peppers even gave several pounds to my favorite Mesican resturant. Decided to can some and somewhere on the internet I found a recipe for canning peppers. I canned a number of quarts and my wife loves Dill pickles peperconis and etc opened a quart and took one then 2 then 3 and soon all the peppers were gone. Have not had a garden due to my current location and health. I remember canning peachs green beans and tomato’s when I was a kid in the Hills of Virginia. Would love to do it again.

  6. So enjoyable to watch! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love ATK and Cooks Country. I am in total agreement about a canning cookbook and would really like some tips. I can many things but there are some I am afraid of (green beans being one) for fear of illness. Also a few years ago Chris came to Scottsdale to do a guest appearance as well as a book signing and I would like to know if he has any plans to visit AZ or Las Vegas in the future as I have more books I would like signed.
    Thanks for all the smiles and God Bless All of You!!

  8. Always a joy to read your letter from Vermont, and to watch your videos. Thank you for always sharing. You all seem to have a very good time.

  9. Enjoy your show very much and would like to see some segments on meals for Diabetics. My husband and I tape the shows we might miss and watch them at our

  10. Hi–Ditto on the canning cookbook. I put up preserves (jelly, jams, butters, etc) and am constantly searching for good recipes. For instance, it was a good grape year but after regular grape, low sugar grape and gingered grape I ran out of ideas ;(. BTW, I work for a MAJOR food co. and even tho nuthin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven, HOMEMADE says it best! It’s like cracking open a jar of sunshine =).

  11. I’ve been getting your magazine for several years. Am not a great cook, but I sure enjoyed the video, your letters and the news about the pig roast.

  12. I too would like to see some ATC or Cook’s Country canning recipes and tips.

    Bummed I couldn’t view the video (probably due to my ancient browser…been having that problem a lot lately)

  13. In regards to your testing of different kitchen tools, etc… could you please add more information when needed? An example is the Vollrath cookie sheet. When you look it up online there are numerous Vollrath cookie sheets to choose from. It would be nice to not have to guess if it is the aluminum one or the steel one or… Thanks for listening.

  14. The video was great…thanks for allowing us to see behind the scenes. Have you any good recipes for Jalapeno pepper jelly? Keep it comin’

  15. Love the humor. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy both America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks’ Country. The food is awesome, but Chris’ dry humor is great. And the way everyone interacts with one another is terrific. It’s plain to see you enjoy what you’re doing. Wish I lived closer. I would love to work with all of you. You’re all doing a great job. Thanks!

  16. Love you all at ATK and Cook’s Country! Really enjoyed getting to see the people behind the scenes who make the kitchen run. These people don’t get all the glory, but I can tell they are greatly appreciated. Each person there is an essential “cog in the wheel” in the success of the shows and for the magazines and websites that the ATK team produces.

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  18. Tell us about the bells that sound at the beginning of CK. I know the tune from childhood – and am curious about where they are, and why that tune.

    • I know that hymn, but can’t think of it….Please help! Thank you!! Absolutely love your shows!!

      • “Safe Am I” (in the hollow of His hand…)

  19. Look at all those folk’s hankering for splendid canning book, come on Mr. Kimball please at least look into the possibility of doing one or squash my hope so I can move on to Alton Brown.

    Ardent Cook,
    Erin Stephens-Marner

  20. This is wonderful footage! I enjoyed learning a bit more about the folks behind the scenes. I’ll have to try Ena’s tip about the wine in green tea for energy!

  21. That was great! I loved the behind scenes look. I would love to work there!

  22. That was great! I love the sense of humor – always look forward to Chris’ newsletter. Wish I were closer!

  23. I have looked forward to your email newsletter each month. All of a sudden it stopped. Does your blog take it’s place? If so, fine…I will faithfully follow!!

  24. Please email to me your recipe for monkeybread which

    was shown on tv today Saturday,11/20/10

    Thankyou Mary

  25. Please email your recipe for baked monkeybread which

    was made from scratch. Thank you

  26. Any idea when “Fannie’s Last Supper” will be on dvd? I just can’t wait to see it again and would love to have my son view it as well. Thank you.

  27. I would like your recipe for skiLLET chicken parmason,

  28. What are the lyrics to your theme song

  29. When will Fannie’s Last Supper be on DVD?

  30. Superb items permanently, you simply gained a different reader. Just what may perhaps an individual propose of your submit that you designed a day or two in the past? Every convinced?

    • Dear Christopher,

      When will Fannies Last Supper be available on DVD. I’ve been waiting for years.

      If it has become available and I just am not aware of it–please let me know.

      If not, why won’t you put it on DVD.

      Thank you, Susan LaGuardia Mattituck, New York

  31. The church bells at the beginning of the show would make an awesome ringtone. You should consider selling them

  32. They should call it the chris,Bridget,julia show.i love watching it its so informative.and chris is enertaining to.keep up the good work.

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