Tour The Cooks Country TV House

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  1. That was soooo fun! How I wish you’d invite me there next fall for the filming of the 2012 season! I can work–I’ll just fit right in with all of you.

  2. Oh my goodness, but that was a lot of fun!!!

    Just got caught up with the posted videos and I have a huge smile on my face. Many many thanks for doing this.

    And to the guy who sang Raindrops, you rock!

    I love the humour.

    Best wishes for more seasons.


  3. Beautiful house! Just curious (don’t know if you’ll respond), but have you ever met or worked with Alton Brown? I love your show and his. Both very informative and interesting. Keep up the great show, Carol

  4. Its really great to see behind the scenes. What a great house. I do need to ask Chris a question though….just how many ties do you own??? I am one of your biggest fans and always loved your ties :-)

  5. I wish to subscribe by email to this site. (Chris, this is not “user-friendly”.)

  6. I do love this program, really it’s my favorite. Watching it costs me lots of money because I think I have to try the recipes right away. I could not live very far from a grocery store. For years I received America’s Test Kitchen magazine but now I’m taking Cook’s Country. Have now the Feb./Mar. issue and have already did the Chuck Roast in Foil, the Easy Sunday Gravy and today I want to do the Classic Tomato Soup plus Best Shortbread. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  7. Not user friendly at all.

    Do something about it.

  8. Mr Kimball
    I am fucken frustrated I wanted to buy your 7 book set but your web site sucks. I could not get to the link to buy it. I left an message and I did not get a response. I will not support your magazie any moy . I am surprise.

  9. HI CHRIS,
    I LOVE YOUR SHOW……………………

  10. to mr kimball
    i love your show i watch all the time sincerly edward

  11. I too, just love your show. I was wondering if you might try some lower calorie dishes for all of us food lovers who are trying to drop a pound or two.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Where is this located????

  13. […] Kitchen host, and editor-in-chief of Cook’s Illustrated. The shoot took place on location at Cook’s Country House in Rupert, […]

  14. How can I get tickets to your show. I saw on an episode that you showed an audience Thank you

  15. I too would like to be part of the show. How can I get tickets. I have already left 2 messages with the editors office with no reply. I was on the list for last year but wasn’t successful and now can’t find the website again. Please help me

  16. This video was very interesting and informative! I love Cook’s Country – love the bright, cheerful format, great recipes and articles, and the reliability of the recipes. I love Cook’s Illustrated, too. I think I’m obsessed with every content medium that you put out! I love that I am always learning. On an aside, I was editing my neglected “profile” on, and a profile question was asked about “kitchen disasters.” I realized that I’ve had nearly none! Besides the time I burned carmel (distracted), seriously none, even though I cook a ton of new recipes. It is completely because of your fool-proof recipes, in combination with your ingredient tests and equipment reviews. I have nearly zero natural talent as a cook, and yet am now a gourmet home cook. Who would have figured? Thanks Chris and team!!!

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