ATK Rice Krispies Treats Contest Turns Nasty!

Bryan, one of our test cooks, gets hot under the collar and starts to trash talk the competition in our annual Rice Krispie Treat competition run on the last day of TV filming. Does Bryan win? What insane flavors did we add to our Rice Krispies Treats? Watch to find out.

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  1. when can we get the recipes???

  2. Yes, where do we find the recipes? Also, how does one go about getting a job in the test kitchen? Looks like a fabulous place to work.

  3. I second the recipe request, please!

  4. That was an amazingly fun video – I’d love to see more ATK behind the scenes videos.

    Oh, and the recipe would be mucho appreciated.

  5. I third the recipe request. Usually my Rice Krispie Treats end up with the texture of a brick.

  6. love the eyes of the world cover in there!

  7. Ditto to all the comments above. Lots of fun and well-produced. Also, want any/all the recipes, please.

  8. It’s really good to be able to put faces to the names that I see in your magazines. And I never knew Rice Krispies Treats could be sooooo competitive!

  9. Ditto to the other comments…..I too, need the recipe please. I have to make rice krispies for 100 guests (sweet 16 party) on June 26, 2010. Help me please. Love the show and thanks I get alot of praise for all your efforts to perfect a dish.

  10. Recipes please…espcially Bryan’s.

  11. Fun! I liked the band playing in the background, too. Who was that?

  12. Way too much fun!

  13. Yep, the behind-the-scenes stuff is brilliant. The best part of a movie is the gag reel… this is even better. “How professional chefs in a very serious kitchen unwind… Fluffernutter!” Kinda like seeing Congress in a food fight. 😉

  14. Excellent production!!!!! you guys are fun to watch. How can we get those dolce vita treat recipes??? Love to have them all. Gracie!

  15. Hello:

    America’s Test Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking shows. I really wish you’d cover gluten-free versions of your best baking recipes. But more than that, I wish you could help me figure out why my GF flatbreads and pizzas always get glued to the baking sheet and how to solve this problem!

    Kit D.

  16. I believe the treat in watching these treats come to life was your great team of inspired chefs, spirited, fun and really good a what they do. I’ll never look at a Rice Krispy treat the same again, nor will I make it the same again, that is once I secured some of those recipes. Thanks!

  17. I started my morning by reading your , which was so delightfully written. This brought me to the discovery of your blog. I read (or viewed) all your postings dating as far back to 15 Oct. 2009, date at which you issued the “WIKI versus Test Kitchen Recipe” Challenge. Did any WIKI type “chef/group” answered your challenge? As an avid viewer of ATK on VPT, can I dream to view some of these challenges during the 2011 season of ATK? Or else could you provide an update on the Challenge in your upcoming blog postings?
    Many thanks and best regards from North of the border!

  18. Please, please, please share the recipes. I have 12 grndchildren and 5 great-grandchildren (expecting twin(great-grandcildren)boys in Dec.) Our family needs all of the Rice Krispie recipes we can find. Thanks!!

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