ATK TV: Bad Food Introduction

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  1. Well done, sir.

  2. Great segment. Thanks for sharing this. Not only is Chris a good sport, but Bridget is a hoot. (That’s not a surprise, as she’s obviously quick-witted on the shows.) Love your programs, cookbooks, and DVDs. Keep up the good work!

  3. The graphic that gives CPK’s title says he’s “Editor-in-cheif.” I before E except after C, chief.

  4. “The outfits are… are getting out of control.”


  5. Has Chris worn a chicken outfit?

  6. You’re a good sport, Chris–love it!

  7. thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  8. Heh… Chris admits that he has an obnoxious personality.

    Epic win, sir. 😀

  9. Chris is stylin’!

    • I can’t get more moderate than this.

  10. Would LOVE to see Chris decked out as either the model pig or cow and Bridget or Julia discussing what particular cut of meat they will be preparing and where it comes from. Probably would be amusing if they transformed a usually “tough” cut of meat into something tender and delicious.

  11. I share my copies of each of your magazines with The owner and Chef in the Chinese Restaurant. He wants to learn more about American cooking ,I cannot throw them away and my house is too small to store them all. My favorite parts are frequently Chris’ wonderful tales of Country living past and present. LB

  12. Fantastic! The costumes are a hoot but even better is all the great work being done by the entire staff. I have used a number of the recipes and have never been disappointed.
    Thank you for creating such a great show.

  13. Fun segment. I’m looking forward to the new season of shows “en costume” and the fabulous recipes, tips and updates on equipment.

  14. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thanks for the continual emails that uplift me, and the videos…..I’m still cracking up! EVERYONE makes this show!.

  15. The cleverality of it all!! I just love it! love it? love it!

  16. Too, too funny!! Love the show, guys. And Bridgette, I think I would stop watching if you and Julia were not on it, too!

  17. Love the Jimmy hat with the kilt. Our whole family has a matching set that we wear to various Highland festivals and Celtic Flings. Remember, England forever, and Scotland just a wee bit longer!

  18. Thank you so much for all the information that you all share through your books and TV programs. Your segments, while being informative, are also entertaining. Keep up the excellent work!

  19. Keep up the good work! Your programs are great and I have followed your recommendations about products and equipment several times and not been disappointed. And, the recipes are fantastic! It’s great to see many of the recipes in the books being demonstrated on TV. Again, thanks to all of you!

  20. Love you Chris but DUDE what is up with my 2 favorite chefs having to PAY to demonstrate recipes! That is just plain disrespectful. I think 11 seasons in it is time to change that policy. Especially considering all the money I send to Cooks Illustrated for magazines and Web site access.

  21. Don’t do a lot of cooking, but am still a huge fan. Bridget & Chris- Thanks for starting my morning with a BIG smile!

  22. I would love to see Chris dressed up as a chicken, alla “Kids in the Hall” and their famous “Chicken Lady.” Now THAT would be funny (especially if he lays an egg, gets egg on his face, et al chicken jokes).

  23. Ideas for other “personalities:
    fish, mermaid, lobster, chicken, bride,frog, mickey or minnie mouse, the list goes on….and how about a long horned cow from Texas?

  24. I look forward to your news!!!! Your show is great, and I watch it every chance I get. Thank you for the fun and information. Making people smile and laugh is the best medicine for all!!!!!

  25. Too funny. Of course, since most of US would pay to be on – what’s the going rate Bridget? Of course, I may never think of shortbread the same way again!

  26. What a breath of fresh air you all are! I love the gizmo testing particularly, but the recipes and prep methods are primo. Chris, no matter what you wear, you still look like a slightly dotty history professor. It just goes to prove that not all the nuts end up on the West Coast.
    From an ex-pat Brit in California.

  27. Creativity at its best is what I call it! How about some recipes to match the costumes…or is that the point of it all? Guess I’d better watch the segments and find out! Keep it coming….your fans love it!

  28. Thanks for all the testing you do to help make my cooking experience successful. Keep up the great work in your magazines, cookbooks, DVDs and television shows!!Your Fan, Michele 🙂

  29. Chris, this was tu, too, to, two funny. You are a very good sport. As you guys eat a lot of meat, I am very disappointed not to have seen a Gaucho or a Matador costume….next year perhaps?

    When do you get PayPal so I can suscribe to all your goodies?
    Best wishe for the summer, enjoy. Geraldine

  30. Just remember, we’re laughing with you!…okay, we’re laughing at you…but with you. Glad to know you have a good sense of humor! Bridget, you’re terrific.

  31. Love it! Love the show(s). Love the newsletter, except the font is so tiny I have to have my nose up to the screen to see it. Love the Cooks Illustrated website. The “downhome” feel of your entire company, recipes, magazines, etc. reminds me of the old Farm Journal. Keep it up!

  32. Chris your costumes are great – concern of how to top them next season. You will have to do a dark alley meeting with Alton Brown (Foodnetwork TV) only his costumes are more outrageous (& probably way more $$).

  33. Chris, Julia and Bridget…you are the threesome that make this show great! You guys always look like you’re have so much fun doing the show. And every recipe I tried WORKS!!! Love the show…now about those costumes……… don’t get too carried away, or you might be mistaken for that other food guy on TV…what’s his name—Alton something…………….!! 😀

  34. This is too funny! Love all of you on the shows! Chris, you’re a great sport to wear the costumes and Bridgett is hilarious!
    My favorite is the magazine editorial’s and Letter from Vermont email. Cook’s Illustrated is my favorite magazine & Cook’s Country cookbook’s are the best!
    Thanks for such great magazines & TV shows!

  35. Enjoy your Vermont stories, keep it up you,tv,and magazine.

  36. My wife and I still prepare salmon the way you showed in one of your earlier shows. Thanks for many-a-good meals.

    • YES! The grilled salmon is my go-to meal! Perfect every time.


  38. My husband and I watch your shows every Saturday morning and love them, THANK YOU. Is there any way that in your recipies you could advise us, who are diabetic, alternative food supplies to use to cut the carbs. Really like the testing you do with Jack and Adam. Keep up the good work. Edie


  40. I love love all of your books, comments and shows. I’ve used your information quite often on equipment, foods and I have been a subscriber since the beginning of Cook’s Illustrated; Cook’s Country; Cooking for Two 2009 and this week (June 28th) I received the 2010 Cooking for Two book. I am a diabetic and have found it easy to convert your recipes. Thanks for all your great shows, magazines and cookbooks.

  41. So cameraman, was he dressed “regimental” under that kilt??? “What are you wearing under your kilt, Man? “Only hose, Gilly’s, flashes and meh Skindo, laddie”

  42. I have subscribed to Cooks Illustrated since the beginning. I have learned so much. No longer interested in those cooking magazines using pkg ingredient. The costumes I can go either way, but when some subscribers commented “what are hunting stories doing in the cooking magazine”, pay no attention. I really enjoy all those Vermont stories. It reminds me of days with my father and other male relatives and the strange bachelor farmers that lived in the woods around my parents farm. (Of course I’m much older than Chris and the stories might be more strange in my home area.)

  43. i love your show on pbs. so keep up your good cooking and and your show. love it .

  44. i love your show on pbs. so keep up the good work and the good cooking.

  45. I so look forward to the letters I get talking about country life from Chris. I loved the crazy costumes! You all look like you have a great time! I know you guys work very hard. Thanx! 🙂

  46. Chris,
    We love the costumes; ever consider using ‘French cut’ vegies, a ‘hangman’s mask’ and a Guillitine?? Even if the answer is ‘hell no’ you and your crew are one of the best shows around. Many thanks to all of you.

    J. Digerness

    PS Ever consider publishing your magazine ‘reminesces’ in book form?

  47. I love you show on PBS. I was watching one Saturday when Chris read a letter from someone stating that Chris was rather stiff and upity. I don’t see him that way at all. I think he has a great sense of humor, but at the same time is passionate about what he does and wants to get it right. Good Job Chris! Keep on keeping on and we will keep watching.

  48. I agree with all of the other comments about how wonderful the show is, how great the staff is at presenting their material and how awesome the food is when prepared ATK style. My only “beef” is that I am from Toronto, Canada and for some reason the show is not broadcast as oten as it should – there are all kinds of fund raising and other programs that seem to pre-empt this fantastic show. (My satellite provider transmits the programs from KCTS in Seattle – they are always doing their own shows, etc. when ATK should be on.)

    Anyway, sorry to be so long winded, but please keep on going – I always feel inspired after I’ve watched the show.

  49. Still love your show – concept, comments, recipes – all of it…makes me want to relocate to New England.
    But I am not old school tho my great greats came over on a boat and glad they did.

    Linda C Doery

  50. You Sir…..are a silly silly goose!

  51. I want to see a pirate costume or maybe a zombie. Great shows! I have made several recipes from the shows and all have been fabulous.

  52. Chris: You do have a WONDERFUL show. HOWEVER, tell me again why Bridget & Julia have to PAY YOU to be on the show?? Are you crazy? I think you got the pot by the wrong handle, Chris……YOU should be paying THEM!! The show DEFINITELY would not be as good as it is without them. I hope you never get the attitude that “It’s all about ME”, and forget to give credit (and rightfully earned salary!) to those who helped you get to where you are today! Cut the purse strings, Chris, and start doling out the peas! Bridget and Julia are worth their weight in gold. PAY THEM!!!

    • I AGREE! I though I heard it wrong but I did not. I can’t believe that they have to pay to be on the TV! They really know what they are talking about. They are worth their weight of Gold + Silver + Platinum.

  53. You guys are the one show I can’t bear to delete from my DVR. My husband LOVES it when I make your recipes! Thanks for wasting so much food with all your trials so that I don’t have to! 🙂

  54. Love your show and the way you all prepare the food (as far as showing us the right way to do it) GREAT STUFF! I would also like to see alternatives for diabetics and high blood pressure “people” America is an overweight country…I do know food tastes better with the real fat and salt but since most Americans don’t move enough we have to cut back on the “good stuff” Thank you again for the entertainment and the FAIRY outfit looks best on you Chris:=)

  55. Chris, you are a great sport. Thank you for sharing.
    I, also, enjoy your letters and pictures from Vermont. Your magazines are very informative and the best.

  56. The most well balanced people are the ones who can laugh at themselves!
    Love the show, love all the players and your recipes and cookbooks are fail- safe. The best part of my week is to sit doen on Sunday afternoon and watch the PBS lineup of cooking shows, and ATK & CC are my top favrites. I get very put out when the membership drives are on, because that is what gets pre-empted! Nevertheless, I am a devoted supporter, because without them I would not have you. Good show- thanks for sharing, and I also love the “Letter from Vermont”
    Lynn K

  57. Your publications are the only subscriptions I choose to own.
    It is a huge disappointment to me if I miss one of the television programs.

    Great format. Very educational. I am a better cook because of what I learn from you.

  58. Chris, how about dressing up as our late, great friend Jerry Garcia?

  59. Hate to leave the house on Saturday mornings. When I have to I am sure to record the two segments. Even tho I’m 85 and don’t cook too much anymore, I dream about it a lot and wish it could have been around in my past. I’ve learned a lot from the hints too. Also look forward to your Letters from Vermont Love you all!

  60. I love it all, keep it all coming, silly and fun and also good stuff!

  61. Great segment! You all look like you’re having entirely too much fun! Maybe next year you can feature a veggie of the month, or spice of the month, (or whatever) and have that be a costume. Also regional/ethinic costumes would be a hoot too! (I can see Chris in a grass skirt and coconut-top!)

    Keep it coming – food is entirely too fun to take it too seriously! 🙂

  62. I kind of like the idea of a chicken costume, but please do NOT let Chris dress like a baby (in diaper, etc.)

    • I think Chris would look GREAT dressed up as the New Year’s Baby!! Can’t you just imagine seeing THAT the morning after New Year’s Eve?! That would be a REAL hoot! Or how about dressing up as Father Christmas? Not as daring, but in keeping with the holiday! He COULD dress up as Father Christmas on payday and hand out the pay checks! Now, that would be something that our two favorite girls would appreciate!!

  63. love love it–we in oregon dress that all the time.

  64. I never get tired of viewing, reading, listening and learning, new information that you share with your audience; and(sometimes)even the not so new info too. Hope you all never tire either! Stay healthy & encouraged.

  65. OMIGOD….I just love your letters, your show, your partners-in-crime, and you!! Keep up the good work!! God Bless all of you! Mary

  66. Everytime I get your e-letters, I feel like I’m reading a letter from an old friend. Sure some of it is corny, but it makes life interesting.
    Keep up the good work. Watching the video I couldn’t help but compare you to “Barney Fife”. Just kidding.
    Now, just to keep people from being ticked off, why do Bridget & Julia have to pay you?

  67. Looking forward to 2011 series! ATK is the best cooking on TV. Chris is the king! (Another costume?)

  68. Honestly, the outfits are getting out of control and are starting to take away from the show. They should tone it down…. (not eliminate it entirely, just tone it down a lot)

  69. I would opt for Chris dressed in a body stocking, with the cuts of meat printed on it (like the pig/cow visual aids), to show from where the meat cuts come.

  70. This 78yr. Oregonian would be quite happy to come to the farms that you had in your July report.To ride those horses,to insure that they get the exercize they need.

  71. I don’t know where the Menu Bar got the “Bad Food introduction”

    I just wanted to say that this 78 yr.old Oregonian would love to come to those farms and give those horses enough exercise by being ridden!

  72. Costumes???? I’m here for the great fool-proof recipes and information! No Costumes necessary!!!

  73. Chris,
    Thank you for the entertainment. You are a great sport. I would probably do the same thing just for the laughs. Great show and I look forward to the new season. Ken

  74. Love it all! My Grandparents had a real farm & we had a huge garden so we grew ALL we ate – beef, pork, veggies & fruits, w/out hormones, etc. We learned to cook from good family cooks, but what I learn from you takes it to another level. Every recipe & technique is really foolproof, so thanks for making me look good. The way Bridget & Julia seem to have to convince you that a recipe or technique is the way to go reminds me of a friend who always asks if the things I cook or bake & take to share are healthy. He says if they are, he doesn’t want to taste them because they can’t possibly be any good! So I fudge a little & he likes them! I would like to see you all occasionally suggest compatible entree & side dish pairings. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  75. Chris,

    It was nice to meet you today at the Tundbridge World’s Fair. You were very generous to entertain me, my son Sam and his friend Erica. I only regret that YOU were taking the picture of ME rather than the other way around!

    This post seemed most appropriate for me to comment on after our introduction since you asked to record me suggesting the best pulled-pork at the Fair. Now I know how hard it is to do introductions! However, my wardrobe budget will need to be supplemented to look as good as you did in that banana outfit.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to talk with you.

    Robert Farnham

  76. […] ATK TV: Bad Food Introduction Chris Kimball explains why Food TV is bad. […]

  77. I absolutely loved all the video. And to learn the name of the farm where Cook’s Country is filmed and when was a real bonus. It is my dream to visit the farm and meet Chris, Bridgett and Julia as well as the rest of the staff. I have learned all I know about cooking from the ATK and Cook’s Country shows. And if I have earned quite the reputation from friends and co-workers. They all love my cooking. I try to get all the video’s and cookbooks I can. Thank you for opening the world of good cooking to me.

  78. […] Kitchen (which, compared to the food porn that is the ever-pornier Food Network, is still a very staid New England production) they reviewed chef’s knives, again, and again the top knife was the stamped 8″ […]

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