New Nintendo ATK Game Just Launched

Let’s Get Cooking –

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  1. ONLY in America. whew

  2. I love CI, and have since the beginning. The only reason I am not a subscriber is because the one year I did, the stores had the issues a week or two before mine arrived and I couldn’t wait.

    Now I am a website subscriber, because searching is easier than my huge collection of back issues.

    I love my Nintendo DSi. I am a gamer from way back. WAY back.

    But frankly, I don’t understand the point of this DS product.

    Subscribing to the website gives you videos, big screen, ability to print, and search everything. And I am sure more recipes than the DS holds. Other than having Becky and Bridget and Julia everyone come cook dinner for me, what could be better?

    (And have you seen what CI alumni writer Kenji Lopez-alt has been doing for the burger on his blog? The CI legacy is great…)

    Still, there doesn’t seem to be a value proposition for a DS-based Cook’s Illustrated product, when compared with all of the other CI resources that are available.

    I still love CI, and you all are my first place to look for recipes (online) and in my many CI cookbooks and back issues, but not on my DS!

  3. I know I’m VERY late to the party, but I wanted to say how much I loved this DS product. I had the original Japanese cooking tutorial for the system, and I picked up the Personal Trainer: Cooking, tutorial when that came up. But the ATK/CI recipes were far superior. I really appreciated the videos, especially the one on how to know when the cooking oil is the right temperature.

    I have tried to get into cooking off and on over the years, but I think this time it’s stuck. I bought ATK:Let’s Get Cooking in November, and I have used it every week ever since. I just finished my 40th recipe today and got the rank of ‘Master Chef’ and the tallest hat I can get (I think). I’ve gotten a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, and I’ve branched out quite a bit since then. They’ve taken to calling me “Martha” at work when I bring in Chicken Provencal for lunch or Double Chocolate cookies (from the CI Baking book) to share.

    So thank you for taking a risk and making a bit of an ‘oddball’ product. It was perfect for me!

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