Call the America’s Test Kitchen Hotline Today!

Call us on our toll-free number: 866-514-7801 and leave us a message with your cooking questions. This week, we are looking for specific recipe questions about Marinara Sauce and/or Pie Dough. If your question is chosen, we will call you back within a few weeks. You could be featured as a caller on our new Radio Show and have your questions answered by host Christopher Kimball. Please make sure to say to leave your name, location, and phone number.

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  1. Hi! I tried to call and leave a message, but it just rang without picking up.

  2. I left this message below on the ATK website, but wanted to make sure Christopher Kimball got my message. He also needs to read an article in today’s NYTimes about the iPad that mentions the potential for cookbooks:
    My message: With the pending release of the Apple iPad, America’s Test Kitchen has an incredible opportunity to be a pioneer in online cookbook apps. You have so much fabulous content in print and video that could be the basis for a publishing your cookbooks and videos on this new device as apps. The Missing Manual computer manual series by David Pogue, who is technology editor for the New York Times, recently released nearly all of their titles as iPhone apps. Instead of toting around expensive ($25-$50), heavy manuals, most are now all available as $4.99 downloadable apps. I suggest you have someone on your staff that has an iPhone to download one of these manuals to see what I’m taking about. Although the iPhone is a poor vehicle to replicate large-format color cookbook pages, but I believe the iPad will be perfect. My local TV station KAKM in Anchorage recently began showing your program! Keep the shows coming. Susan

    • cs for CPK – The iPhone app for Cook’s coming soon…

  3. CS – That’s great. I hope I’ll be able to purchase an option which gives me access to recipes and equipment reviews! Susan

  4. Christopher,
    I had talked to you on June 7th about pasties sticking on a baking sheet. You had said you would post a recipe involving vodka and water. Where would this be posted?
    Thank you, Jill

  5. I have a problem with the fact that you say to cancel the order within 14 days but give no option to do so. I have been taken by your website and I find that if you keep taking money out of my account that I will turn you in to the national fraud department. I want my money back and a apology for the false advertisments of a free trial.

  6. I’m hoping that you will introduce an I-Pad version of America’s Test Kitchen / Cooks Country as I don’t have an I-phone and to have my I-Pad display my favorite cooks, recipes and shows would be awesome!

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