A Day in The Vermont Woods, 2009

A quick look at a day spent deer hunting but without the deer!

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  1. Beautiful country! We spent a few days in Bennington this past August – during Moosefest. Went to the required spots (Monument and church and graveyard). Aside from the friendliness and good food we enjoyed, I was struck by the way Vermont has preserved its history and also by the honor you show your veterans. As a longtime resident of the Charlotte, NC area – it’s a lesson we could learn. Anyway, we really enjoyed just riding around the countryside with the windows open, smelling the sweet, clean air up there.
    BTW…I’ve tried your recipe for pulled pork (we call it barbecue down here). Putting the Boston Butt in the oven after a couple of hours works in a pinch, but nothing can replace 8 hrs in a smoker, being cooked with hickory!
    I’ve enjoyed watching “Test Kitchen” for a long time and have learned a lot by watching. I especially enjoy the monthly letter from Vt. Keep up the great work!


  2. Even winter in the Vermont hills is spectacular, thanks for sharing these images.

  3. Just spent a few days at Killington in mid Oct.. Beautiful foliage, a bit of snow, enough for this Floridian, walks in the woods, gorgeaous scenery, quiet, peaceful, great food, wonderful friends. Makes you miss New England!

  4. Beautiful country indeed. I [heart] Vermont. We generally do the Molly Stark Trail every year in the fall.

    I’ve lived in Rhode Island all my life. New England offers so much from the sea to the mountains and in a just a few hours of driving.

    And a weekend isn’t a weekend for my wife and I unless it includes watching Test Kitchen. Yesterday I picked up your 10th anniversary cook book at Borders for her for Christmas. It was the last copy in the store. I figured we’ll save a few trees from my constantly printing out recipes from your website. 🙂

    Chris… I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  5. Your video on a day in Vermont woods was great BUT much too short!
    Thanks for allowing me a visit (much too brief) to my native state.

  6. Chris,

    My family and I enjoy your publication immensely, they have helped me become a better cook and a beginning baker.

    I began cooking when I harvested my first deer many years ago to spare my mother the task. She always enjoyed venison much more when she didn’t have to prepare it. I have warm memories of my Mom and Dad’s enthusiastic responses to the most simple venison dishes. They are both gone now, the memories are priceless.

    I want to let you know how much it means to me that you so often mention hunting in your writing. In the world we live in today it is often seen as a liability to let other know we participate in the time honored tradition.

    Please keep it up, it is affirmation that you are “keeping it real” as they say in the city!

    Warm regards and a Merry Christmas,

    Paul W. Fox & Family

  7. Amazing country. Thanks for posting.

  8. I’m not a cook. Frankly I really don’t enjoy cooking after doing so for over 41 years for my family. However, I do love holiday cooking because the traditional smells of cinnamon, yeast rising and turkey roasting evokes memories of a childhood filled with the love of family and friends. I so enjoy your blog with pictures and videos of beautiful Vermont. The state of Vermont should have you on their tourist board!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Having been born in a small town just a short drive from where you live, this was a wonderful (if not rather quick) glimpse of my childhood. Now living in the UK, we don’t have that feel of impending winter or colored leaves on the ground (just gail-force winds and rain that can’t decide whether its falling or not), so I appreciate you sharing moments like these. I’ve always been a huge fan of your body of work and still receive my Cooks Illustrated magazine every couple of months. Keep it up, Chris and team!

  10. It’s a nice time to be in the woods, and it’s always more rewarding when you go in with a purpose. Hunting whitetails gets you off the path, as does mushroom hunting in the spring or shed hunting in February. But the woods in summer are nearly intolerable – hot, airless and buggy. Only the promise of berries draws us in.

    Enjoy the season and good luck.

  11. Lovely way to start the morning, walk in the woods with a cup of coffee. Your news of homestead, family and neighborhood just delight this hoosier gal’s heart. Indiana (southern) reminds me so much of your country up there. Best to you and yours. I love the TV shows and have several books and mags.

  12. Gosh,looks very similar to the country in Western New York,beautiful.Unfortunately most people have NO clue.Thanks

  13. I have been all over New England during my trips out east. Beautiful country. You are lucky Chris to live there. I live in north central Indiana where all is flat. But it is home. Love the show and the letters from Vermont.

  14. Hey Chris thanks for sharing this video. I’ve never been to the East coast, have to make sure I put it on my to do list! I think I’d love it, it looks beautiful, and I would also love to learn about not only the historical sights but the local history of the area as well. Enjoy your show and books keep up the good work.
    Good luck on your hunt, now that Nate filled his tag you can let him take the videos while you and Tom concentrate on getting that Buck.
    I took my wife Bobbi out for her first hunt and she bagged a nice little White Tail forked horn,I had a doe tag and filled that tag also with my Black powder. (I’m more of a meat hunter than a horn hunter although a nice mount would look great on the wall!)

    Wishing you all the best.


  15. I really enjoyed your video of Vermont. Those old stone walls in the woods are always so interesting to find. Looks like you had a nice late fall day out there!

    Take care,

  16. I love your video. One of my daughters went to Vermont on her honeymoon and she said it was absolutely beautiful and I should go sometime. I am still waiting for the right time which will probably never come around so I should probably just go. I love your letters. Makes me think of when I was a kid. I can remember being afraid of coyotes if I had to shut the chickens up after dark. They could really howl.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Beautiful images – thank you for sharing it and good luck during the hunting season! Happy Thanksgiving

  18. I love Vermont and it is during the change of seasons when I miss Vermont the most. Thanks for bringing a little familiar landscape back to a Vermont native living in Chicago!

  19. Good morning Chris ~ I look forward to getting your letters from Vermont and devour every word and picture! The video was a real treat but as others said, too short. The pictures of your family and town traditions bring back memories of my own from childhood. My parents are gone and that leaves a certain emptiness inside. Thank you for sharing and helping to fill the void.

    I wanted to ask if you have gotten your guitar from luthier extraordinaire, Tom Ribbecke yet? My husband has one of his beautiful guitars and another on the way! Tom told us about your visit and your playing Grateful Dead songs together. I was hoping you would take delivery of your instrument on one of your television programs or at least have some pictures in one of your letters from home. Any chances it might happen?

    Thanks to and all those in front of and behind the scenes with Cooks Illustrated (Country & America’s Test Kitchen) for all the hard work and hours of cooking. You have helped improve my cooking skills and even gotten my husband to look forward to watching America’s Test Kitchen! Keep up the good work and keep writing.


  20. Thanks for that to short clip of the woods. I have never been to the east coast, but it reminds me of the days I spent with my brothers in the woods here on the west coast. It is so beautiful!

  21. We harvest multiple deer in Illinois and butcher them on the farm. We eat deer almost once a day. I have never noticed Americas’s Test Kitchen doing a segment on venison cooking. Now wouldn’t that be a great segment???????

  22. What a beautiful little film! Two years ago my husband and I moved from a village setting in Webster, NY to 5 miles down the road to the more rural setting of Penfield. I grew up on a small farm and I think every child should. Our home is on 6 acres and we too, own into a woods, and we also have a long stone wall in the woods (what is up with that, anyway?)There are a lot of deer here but they usually don’t come near our house as the huge field that butts up to the woods is farmed by my neighbor, (ask me about fresh corn in July)and I think he has done something to discourage them. But every once in a while there will appear in the morning mist a family – a great thing to have with coffee. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the education (WXXI)and great recipes. Enjoy! Jackie

  23. Ahhh! Beautiful Vermont! Next to Ireland, it’s my favorite place on Earth! Thank you for sharing your lovely video!

  24. I enjoyed watching your short clip of the woods, i don’t take long walks anymore

  25. It is so nice to see Hunting written about. At 74+ I probably would not be still hunting except I enjoy eating the venison as do my dogs and foster dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). Enjoy Cooks Illustrated immensely. Thanks
    Sally Balkema
    New Braunfels, TX

  26. Hi Chris loved the walk in the woods. makes me think of the times i would walk behine my da when he would go hunting.although I was a girl I followed my Da ever where. so this do bring back the times . very nice tho.

  27. I always enjoy your letters and appreciate the video included in this one. I second the comments about your hunting references. Thanks. Now, if you’d just work in some game recipes…please?

  28. Dear Christopher, Thank your letter and video. Vermont looks a lot like upstate New York. The best time of year here is when the leaves turn, and it has cooled off. I look forward every month to your letters. I have been watching America’s test kitchen for a long time now, and I always learn something new. Keep up the work. Diane

  29. Nice video. Simmiar settings here in Jericho Ctr. Though I will say our male deer population is now down by one…

  30. Thanks again Chris for sharing a ‘day in Vermont…’

    I am totally besotted about your part of the world plus reading about your day -(somewhat manic at times,I should imagine!)but for a dreamer like myself your descriptive, sensitive and poetic editorials fulfill part of my life which is long gone.

    I have a son who is a great hunter/gatherer here in NZ, so I look forward to the odd rabbit, pheasant, duck, venison,pig and fish to cook.(dressed of course!)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  31. Born and raised in NYC, now living on the coast of SW Florida for 15 years…..and I miss Vermont and New England so bad I think I am going to hold my breath!! Great work Chris and don’t change! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

    PS MORE VIDEOS (with some sounds of nature would also be nice)

  32. I am amazed at how similar VT is to rural MO (Ozarks), and my friend’s property, complete with cabin and old logging road! And, just like my friend (deerless), but bailed out by the friend who comes along every year, who took one (as always)! Also loved the bloopers! Please more!

  33. Chris, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your descriptive emails, pictures and/or videos of Vermont and your life there with your family and neighbors. Being a transplanted easterner out in the west, I miss that part of the country terribly. I also love both of your t.v. shows. They are fantastic! I’ve tried many of your recipes…appreciate all your team does to present the best to your audience. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Judy

  34. Chris,

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the video. I spent six wonderful summers at Keewaydin Camps on Lake Dunmore, Vt. Love your publications and cooking shows-keep up the great work.


  35. Chris, you are truly a blessed man to have such a wonderful life in such a wonderful place! I love and look forward to your newsletter and enjoy the photos and stories so much. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  36. Chris; Here in central Illinois we really enjoy your pictures of Vermont and the surounding area. The hunting video was great! Our deer hunting is outstanding with large corn fed bucks. Keep up the great shows and thanks . Bob

  37. Chris,

    I have followed you since I “accidentally” bumped into your AMERICAS TEST KITCHEN on our local PBS station here in San Diego. I have been hooked ever since.

    Watching your hunting trip for your deer was reminiscent of my earlier days when I lived in the mid West. I spent 8 years living in St. Louis, Mo. and working for the railroad while I was going to school. The Frisco railroad,(merged into the BNSF)winds and wends its way from St. Louis South West to Texas. In the central Eastern parts of the state are the most beautiful hills and dales of the mid West. The Ozark mountains reach up to central Missouri. Some of the richest hunting grounds ever. Getting up at the un-Godly hour of 4AM from your tent, smelling the coffe, bacon and eggs frying are indellibel memories of the camp site. Eating a quick breakfast and heading out before dawn slogging off (on rainy days) and sitting still, waiting for the deer to come along their trails. In this rich game area, we all came back with a nice buck or large doe.

    Field dressing them was rough the first time I had to do it. With the help of my fellow hunters, this green horn learned the ways of our fore fathers who depended on the richness of the land to put food and meat on the table. This was complimented with….wild boar and quail hunting. Before long, I was accomplished in the art of game hunting. “Feed a man a fish and you have fed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a life time”. The same holds true for hunting.

    I so look forward to your program on Television, your web site and my “Cooks Illustrated” magazine. You have made me a better cook and I like the way that you de-construct recepies to make them better. I tell everyone I know of your show and website. Have a very happy Thanksgiving for you your family and crew at Americas Test Kitchen.


  38. Thanks for the view of your area while hunting. I don’t have property to bow hunt any longer, so it sure is nice to enjoy it with your blog. As someone else mentioned earlier, it is a quick view. Wish you could share more, but then how much hunting would you get done! I’ve enjoyed your show for years, love using your recipes at least 4 times a week and then more with friends. There is no one on TV that is as real as you are. We all seem to relate to you, and seek you out. Hope your holidays are wonderful for you and your family and all the great chefs on your program. Thanks for being there for us, keep it up.

  39. Someday I will retire and I will see first hand a New England fall. We have great ones in Minnesota, but no mountains. I have been in New England in the summer and it is very hot. I can’t wait to visit in late September, or early October!

  40. Hi Chris, I love your TV show and try never to miss it. I,am always learning. We were in vermont for your fall colors. The end of September and the beginning of October. One cannot describe the beauty or even show pictures unless you see for your self. We live in Minnesota but do not have the Mt. I hope to return. You have so much history to share. I also saw a Moose and that was a big treat. Even some of the town people said they have not seen a Moose for 7 years. You have a beautiful state and enjoyed it so much.


  41. Beautiful video! Thank you so much for sharing. My husband and I live just south of Atlanta, GA. We’ve always wanted to visit Vermont and the other New England states, especially in the fall. Your video has confirmed all that we’ve heard about the loveliness of that region. I adore your website, the TV shows and the Cooks Illustrated magazine. All the recipes that I have tried have been not only successful, but absolutely delicious as well! Thank you for providing excellent videos with them.

  42. I have a comment about the twitter updates that are to the right of this section of the blog. I am including a copy. There was nothing here about Store Bought Pie Crust instead it was about rolling out a pie crust.

    Store Bought Pie Crust Tasting: Here’s what to buy in a pinch: http://bit.ly/5XeZPF 4 days ago

    I enjoyed your video. Such wonderful views. I do wish wildlife could be spared however. It seems so much loss goes on world wide. I enjoy the part of your life you share with the world. Your projects always have uplifting and positive attributes for people to bring into their lives and to pattern themeselves after. Thank You, Kitty

  43. Hi Chris,
    The video was a nice way to see the Vermont deer hunting country. I’d like to echo the comment above -how about a Test Kitchen venison show? Specifically preferred seasonings and cooking tech. Here in Wisconsin, we end up with ven in the freezer more seasons than not, so I’d love to see your take on it.
    Thanks for great show and newsletter.

  44. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely beautiful!! I always keep Letters from Vermont with Chris Kimball…I often go back and read them and watch to videos!! It’s great!

  45. Chris, thanks for sharing your beautiful Vermont countryside. We have had several deer (buck & doe) in our front yard week ago. When my husband goes out early to get the morning paper, they are not afraid of him, just stare. The deer are enjoying eating my fall pansies & cylcamen. Fun to watch in San Antonio, Texas!

  46. My wife and I love your show. Never been to your state hope to make it someday, it looks like its beautiful.

  47. I love your show, I try to watch it every Saturday and I love these videos, thank you. Just wanted to let you know.

  48. Chris,

    Thanks for the video and for the letters from Vermont. Has ATK or Cooks Country ever done a show on cooking venison? I searched the sites, but could not find any recipes. Maybe it’s because such a segment would only speak to a small part of the population as venison is not commercially available, but many of us would love to get the experts’ thoughts on favorite venison recipes. Thanks for all you do.

    • No, no venison cookery. Too narrow a topic for a broad audience but if you have any good recipes, pass them along.

  49. I received your last two letters from vermont emails, but they were both blank. Is anyone else having this problem?
    Also, I am a beekeeper in Virginia and thank you for suport for the bees!
    thanks, Bob

    • cs for CPK – I will look into and get back to you but in the meantime you can find the February Letter from Vermont here: http://bit.ly/cyJ3RB. May i ask what web browser you are using?

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