Cooks Country Blooper Reel

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  1. oh i couldn’t stop laughing. You guys look like you can work hard, and PLAY hard!

  2. Loved the bloopers! You guys really have a good time. I never dreamed you’d have to be “bleeped” if you didn’t do retakes. I never miss any of your shows.

  3. Your bloopers show how hard you guys work to make it look easy. Can we please have more?

  4. You are not only professional and informative, but FUN! Loved it!

  5. Just two days ago I was commenting to my husband that the bloopers for ATK/CC must be hysterical and wondered if there would be a video of the outtakes released at some point. Surprise!

    Glad to see a more ‘human’ spin to your professional personnas! Thanks for the laughs and allowing us to see your goofs. 😉

  6. That was hysterical! Love your work. Thanks a bunch!

  7. I loved the bloopers. I wish you guys would do these more often. You never know what goes on behind the scenes until you see these. Happy Cooking

  8. hay chris, love the mag. got a year as a gift to bad i cant renew, price is factor. i do work my time around the airing of your it keep it up.

  9. These are outrageous. Thanks for showing the human factor behind the scenes. Really, I’m splitting my gut laughing!

  10. I loved your bloopers. Do you get paid for having too much fun?! I guess you can’t drink the beer before taping, but it makes for great bloopers!

  11. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow. Never saw Chris before without a bowtie.

    Great clips. Had to laugh out loud a few times. It’s nice to see that you guys make mistakes, too!

  13. What fun!!! Love the show and now that I have an idea what goes on behind the scenes… I want a job this fun!!!!

  14. What a terrific operation you guys have. Polished, informative, excellent staff, and a beautiful building. In addition,choosing brilliant photos on the magazine covers.

    Keep up the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Love the bloopers from Cooks Country. Is it, or will it be available on dvd?. Keep them coming, they are hilarious!.

  16. Dear Chris,

    Now that I’ve purchased most “all” of your cookbooks and subscription to your magazines, I’m happy to say that the “Behind the scenes video” was a delight!
    It’s great to see your interaction with your employee’s….I’m sure they have a “lot” of fun working with you! Keep them coming!

    I follow your TV shows religously, so informative….I’m in the habit of checking with your site(s) before I purchase most products for my kitchen!

    Thank you.

  17. Oh you guys make me laugh even when your not blooping so that was EXTRA funny! I never miss an episode of either of your shows on Channel 13 and even bought my stand mixer based on your test and recommendation on America’s Test Kitchen – a Kitchen Aid Classic Plus , yes it is fabulous! Boy I wish I had a job working with you – if you ever need another “tester” I will come from Texas to help 🙂 and we can share a “bear” 😉

  18. This is good stuff! I could watch this all day along with the regular show. Keep up the GOOD work.

  19. I love the bloopers almost as much as getting all your good information on the shows! And I needed to leave a comment to thank you for such great shows and so I could see what quilt square pattern I got next to my comment! I love quilts and quilting!

  20. Next promotion,

    “With your new or renewed “Cook’s Illustrated” subscription our “America’s Test Kitchen” and “Cook’s Country” blooper out takes. An hour of our favorite goofs, gaffs, and gags”.

    I’m patiently waiting…

  21. It’s so great to see you guys having so much fun. Watch your show all the time, it’s so informative. I just loved these bloopers, please share more

  22. How fun is this? My 13 year old and I watch and tape the shows religiously. We cook the dishes religiously. We have commented to each other how perfectly the building of each recipe seems to go. Kudos to your video editors! And thanks for letting us peek into the production process. We will hope for more of this… helps us to see that what goes on in our kitchen at home is reality!

  23. I NEVER cook. If it can’t be nuked, I’m not interested. But I watch your show all the time (okay, the digital conversion erased all the broadcast stations and I’m too cheap to pay for cable) but I am totally faithful to you now. You aren’t Martha-smug, or patronizing in pearls (in the KITCHEN-sheesh!) You’re fun even WITHOUT the bloopers. I may consider actually cooking after I retire. (No need to rush into life changes.) But even though I am a source of endless amusement to my gourmet friends, your show FASCINATES me! Thanks guys.

    • Betsy, we must have been separated at birth…LOL! I also have a converter box (and hardly ever cook outside of the nukerowave), and I never miss the cooking shows on PBS – especially Cook’s Country and ATK! I’ve watched some of them so many times that I could probably cook the recipes myself (my favorite is the pulled pork sandwiches)!

      This blooper reel made my whole day!

  24. Very funny! I laughed out loud and after the day at work that I had today, I’m grateful for that!

  25. I enjoy the letters from Vermont, but I really enjoyed the bloopers. Looks like you have a good time and a good working relationship, like I would enjoy working there. (But not on TV) I especially appreciated Bridgette trying to loosen the mixing bowl. I know what that is like.

    Keep up the good work!!

  26. Can I come and work there? You guys are having so much fun!

  27. I’m laughing out loud – way out here in Boise Idaho! Stop – I hail from New England – you guys are THE best.

  28. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Thanks a million for the wonderful shows.

  29. I’ve just read your descriptive letter about your fabulous Victorian dinner, your day of hunting, viewed your video of the picturesque Vermont countryside…and laughed with you as I watched your delightful Cook’s Country Bloopers. I’ve been a regular viewer for a long time and an early subscriber to Cook’s Illustrated…and use your fine cook books…you all seem like “old friends”…so I want to thank you for this pre-Thanksgiving treat!
    With appreciation and best wishes to you all…Jean

  30. Thank you for your letter, & your video of the picturesque countryside. I’ve laughed with you as I watched your delightful Bloopers! After all these years, you all seem like “old Friends”…so want to thank you for this pre-Thanksgiving treat!!
    With appreciation and best wishes to you all…

  31. If I weren’t such an upstanding professional adult I’d be a screaming fangirl. Your works are wonderful and the blooper reels help me feel less like an upstanding professional doofus. Thank you… please post more!

  32. This was the first time that I watched “a”, a video,and then, the bloopers. Now that I have returned from the outhouse, [I have not had so much laughter], I will put this in my favorites. All kidding aside, I enjoy the Vermont humor, and “feel good” stories. Old auto mechanics would seldom admit this. I wish Sue and I could move there tommorrow! But then again, what would you do with a real mechanic, and cosmetollogy teacher from Kenosha, Wisconsin?[Though we do have deer here.]

  33. there are many reasons that all of your audience loves each of you. bloopers tape confirms that our individual and collective devotion is well founded. happy thanksgiving!

  34. I’ve worked in many restaurants over the years and, while you guys are tame by comparison, I laughed my a** off! Thank you for showing the truth about cooking under pressure and sharing your personalities. it was a joy to watch and MORE bloopers please!

  35. You should include the bloopers into the DVDs. It’s nice to see you guys do make mistake instead of always perfect result every time. This is one thing I liked about Julia’s shows. She showed us that mistakes in the kitchen was ok.

  36. I loved those bloopers!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    You guys are definitely having too much fun!!! 🙂

  37. Thank you for your bloopers. You brought smiles and giggles into my home this Thanksgiving Day – now I am ready to salt pork and cheescloth soaked in water my turkey. Wish me luck!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  38. Loved the whole thing, you look so handsome without the bow tie, so life like, not so cartoonish. Love the mag but can’t afford it right now as my hours have been cut in half, some of my luxuries had to go.
    Keep up the good work, I would apply for a job if I lived in Vermont.

  39. My husband and I NEVER miss your show – we tape every episode and have watched some more than once. We have many, many recipes that we have tried, loved and use them over and over. Also, we have bought gadget recommended by your show and they ARE the best we’ve had. Thanks for sharing the deer video, bloopers, recipes and I love the magazine. There’s something calming and mesmerizing about the show – love watching – keep sending us good ideas. Thanks!

  40. Great show

  41. I am glad to see I am not the only one that says
    sh%* when I goof up in the kitchen. Also, I made the barded turkey for Thanksgiving. DELICIOUS!! The best turkey we have ever eaten. I regret not taking a pic of it. It was so pretty I did not want to carve it. I also made the golden cornbread dressing and garlic mashed potatoes cooked in the half/half and water instead of preboiling. Today we had hot turkey sandwiches and used the left over Amercian dinner rolls for the bread part of the sandwich. We have quite a few rolls left so tomorrow we will see how they do as French toast. Thanks for all the great recipes and ATK/CC TV shows.

  42. Hi Chris, got to say this, I love watching America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country. I am not a cook myself, however I love watching cooking shows. One quick question for you, so far this season I haven’t seen Julia Collin-Davison on any of the episodes, it been mostly all Bridget Lancaster, which is fine, is Julia still with the show?.

  43. this is so real and I absolutely laughed so hard. so refreshing after watching all those nutty cooking shows on the tube where they are actually trying to entertain you.

    folks, this is entertainment!!

  44. Do you welcome visitors to your test kitchens, filming, studios, etc? We love everything you do and wish for the best…visiting.
    Your TV shows are the best and the Cook’s Country pub is a treasure of information.
    One of the most interesting was the Vodka in pie dough. It really works.
    I am still experimenting with Ciabatta at 6123 ft. elevation in Colorado.

  45. Wonderful! How about making it possible to email
    this video to our friends!?

  46. You guys are the best, we will look forward to more!

  47. loved it!!! bet ya can’t keep your hands still while talking. I love the show, but your hands always moving distracts me. just wish I could have sugar. then I might be able to enjoy some of the goodies, like the sticky cinnamon buns. yumm yumm!!!!

  48. Really enjoy all the shows, but I’m missing Julia – is she coming on at all this year?
    I especially apreciate the equipment reviews, keep them coming!

  49. What a hoot! Never thought I’d see the bunch of you in such a personal way – may bloopers never die!! I tend to use ‘that’ word as well as telling myself off when I make a mistake. I’ve used some of your recipes and at Christmas made the triple chocolate mousse cake.(x2) We have a medium sized family (24)with 3 absent and everyone loved it. Keep up the good work and have fun!

  50. hahhahahahhaa…
    I love blooper reels; I’ve seen them occasionally on the credit roll at the end of the program, but this makes for a nice collection. Heck, you should put a whole bunch of them on a dvd so we can have them for posterity..

    two cents ¢¢

  51. Now! I love your show more-Don’t stop doing what you are doing. It show people we are human and we make mistake and it’s ok laught,smile and be happy.Please show more Blooper Please.

  52. I cannot believe my precious girls on Cooks Country actually say the “S” word. Oh, golly, I just love you guys to bits. I think you should make the show an hour long and include all of the bloopers… fun would that be????

  53. Wow! Real people.
    Love all your publications and TV shows. Absolutely excellent!!!
    (Wish someone would invent a DVR that would hold about 1,000 hours.)

  54. You guys rule! Thanks for all the years.


  56. I must say you have served up some of the finest Snicker Doodles I have ever seen. Love your program. Thanks to the entire crew!

  57. I loved the bloopers video! It would be great if you could release more. I also love America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country and your monthly newsletter from Vermont. Keep up the good work!


  59. oh my gosh, you guys are so fun to watch. I bet there is never a dull moment on the set…
    Love your show and watch it every chance I get.
    Thank you all !!

  60. Thanks for all the informative cooking tips, techniques and recipes. Watching all of you interacting and having fun is great!

  61. oh boy! that is truly an oopZEE! Great fun to watch what you do. thanks! Keith

  62. I was looking thru my ole magazines today and ran across the Cooks Country (june/July-2011), then ask my husband if he had seen any other Cooks Country Magazines come here since. Neither of us have seen any. I sent a check that was paid at my bank dated 8-4-2011 for $39.90 for a 2year subscription! Will you please forward me the issues I have not received and check as to why I am not receiving them. I will be looking for your reply to my e-mail address at
    Thank You,
    Anita Burton
    5905 Norfleet Road
    Kansas City, Missouri 64133

  63. Introduced my students to cooking out side with a portable grill. They loved it.

  64. This was so fun to watch! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love the show! (And website, cookbooks, magazines, radio show, feed, etc…. 🙂

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